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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms Sewing Pattern!

Ok, can you say CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! What an awesome "Mommy" creation! I received this in my email this morning. What a blessing! Thanks, A, for sending these pictures to me! Here is some of what she said, "I am having so much fun!!!!!" And it looks like it, A!! That looks like a totally fun outfit! I now want to make some outfits for my daughters just like this! LOL


MorningSong said...

OH HOW PRECIOUS!! LOVE THIS!! I am becoming inspired again!!!

I also LOVED the baskets with the applique!! So darling! I want to make one but I need to get some fabric! I'm feeling the sewing urge again!! haha


Melanie said...

Oh how cute...I just love it!! So fun...I think I am going to get busy and make some more sets!!!
Very Cute Job!!!

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