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Friday, March 21, 2008

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

It looks like a FAITH kind of Easter!! I am almost finished with Easter outfits and gifts! Three do not have elastic yet and I am sure I will wait to the VERY last minute to do this! Why do we do that!! :) The two green polka dot dresses are going to be gifts. I am going to try and see if I have time to drop them off and get a hot pink monogram Initial for the front of the dress! How cute is that going to look?! I had already made a pair of Boutique Bottoms for each of my girls last year so I will just pair that up with their FAITH Easter Dress.

Just a side note about FAITH: When you go to gather the top band, for a normal size toddler or child, you will not have bunches of gathering space. FAITH is designed to have that slightly gathered look at the top. I didn't like the way it looked with a heavy gathering space. However, if you want more gathering space then just make a one size bigger for your princess!


Jennifer said...

They look great. Do you normally make all their clothes from the same print? Have they ever picked out their own fabric?

I'm procrastinating on making a hair bow for my daughter's Easter outfit. I'm not sure what my hold up is. I have a flower I'm thinking about simply gluing to a lined clip.

Question for you… did you make the loops all the same (as you showed below) or did you do the side by side on some of them?

SewSensible said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I do normally make all their clothes with the same print. It's one of the reasons I started match all my daughters! I just love them in matching outfits. However, I did see where Tiffany from Blask Designs used the same fabric combinations and different patterns to match her children so I may mix match the sewing patterns but use the same fabric combination. For our family with having so many little ones, it actually helps us see them in public better or at the park when they do match.

No I did not make all the loops the same. I only made one with the fold down loop. The rest of them are side by side loops.

Have a very blessed Easter!

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