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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabric Headbands and Sewing Patterns!

I am working hard at getting the patterns ready for the new year. Here are two fabric headbands that I made today to go with the Twirl SKORT outfits I am making for the new pattern cover. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Fall/Thanksgiving season. Here in Louisiana we had a few days of heater weather and now we are back to AC weather. I love Louisiana :)

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NaomiG said...

Those headbands are beautiful!!! My daughters would love them! Are those going to be a pattern as well?!

Stephanie said...

So cute!! Coming over soon so you can show me how to get this machine out of the box...we are definitely going to be starting from the beginning!! See you soon my friend!!

SewSensible said...

yes, naomi. I plan to add them to the new twirl SKORT pattern. I just love them.

thanks, Steph! ready to teach you!

Monogram Glace said...

I like the fact that finally i can read a dogs thoughts. I've always wanted to since i was a kid. lol
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Headbands are beautiful

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Anonymous said...

I cant find a pattern for the headbands, can you help!? Thanks!

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