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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fabric Headband and Beginner Sewing Patterns!

always our playful one :)

so excited that Zoë let me put this headband on her!!

Here is another version of the fabric headband. I wanted to take it with Rose but she was sleeping strong on the couch from a long day of soccer games and playing! I saw Zoë playing the DS and snuck up on her and put it on!! She actually smiled when I did which made me smile!


Linda said...

Those are such unique and pretty headbands. I really like them!

Damier Azur said...

Damier Geant Canvas
Monogram Miroir
Taiga Leather
Monogram Multicolor
Monogram Mini Lin
Epi Leather

HVAC Contractors said...

I've got two little girls that would really like to have their mother learn to do that!

Prabhakishore said...

Really good..
I like them all.


brand said...

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