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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SewSensible meets Creative Smocking!

Aimee' and Tiffany

Last week I was so happy to go and meet Tiffany from Creative Smocking. Tiffany is the owner of Creative Smocking CS Distributing. She was at AllBrands highlighting the different sewing patterns she distributes. I have to say she is super sweet and just as beautiful in person as she is via email! Tiff, it was great finally meeting you in person. Let me know when you come back this way. Hopefully it'll be when all the humidity is gone..... ummhmmm, no wait, it's always humid here ;)

Also, I have added a facebook page however I am so confused if I should keep the fan page or just the main facebook page? any suggestions?? not sure what the difference is other than the like button. I would love to be your friend on the main facebook page!


NaomiG said...

It looks like you have a personal page under your name, and the a business page that people can become a fan of... I would keep them both. That way your friends and family can be your friends and you can update kid pictures, family going on's, grumble about the weather, whatever you like on your personal facebook, but keep your business separate with just business updates. It's really up to you, if it's confusing to have both I would keep the sewsensible one, because that is what will spread the word about your business. Just my two cents! :-)

SewSensible said...

Thanks, Naomi!! well of course I had to make it more complicated!! I already have a personal facebook page I was trying to keep SewSensible separate and just about sewing and sewing related stuff so that is why I created another facebook account and made a sewsensible fan page. I know I have to make things so complicated!!!!! :)
Thanks for your input!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

I have both - my personal page with my family friends and then my csl fan page for my customers - but most of business comes from my personal b/c friends of my friends see my stuff and friend me then buy stuff- if you can keep two up then i would do that the ONLY thing i hate about the fan page is they dont send you email alerts when people comment on photos, etc... :(

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