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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twirl SKORT Sewing Pattern!

Don't you love this fabric!!? I do!!!!! This will be the fabric I will use
for the new cover for the Twirl SKORT in 2011

Twirl SKORT information: I am out of stock of the Twirl SKORT physical sewing pattern. If you are interested in this physical pattern you can visit one of the shops on the right sidebar that sell SewSensible boutique shops. Now for the update: I am working everyday on patterns for 2011. I will have the Twirl SKORT physical pattern ready again in the beginning of the year. It has been one of my top sellers and I understand why..... we all love our children to dress modestly and this pattern did all that along with making our precious little girls laugh and play, jump and flip while being modest! I just love this pattern and can't wait for it to be available again.

Side Note: for all of you that own the Twirl SKORT or will be buying it I do want to let you know there is one spot that many are sewing incorrectly (and when I say incorrectly I mean not the way I designed it but they may like the way they are doing it so take this sewing tip for what it is): When sewing the skirt onto the pantaloon make sure to take all of the skirt and flip forward over the pantaloon and not fold it to where you make a casing. The correct way to flip the skirt over the pantaloon is to flip it completely over. If you have the pattern you will see what I am talking about when you get to that step. It will make a difference in the look of the Twirl SKORT. If flipped correctly the skirt will hang right over the seam of the ruffle of the pantaloon. If flipped incorrectly the skirt will hang higher above the pantaloon ruffle. Again, take this for what it is. If you are flipping the skirt the other way and like it then great but just wanted to make sure everyone knew the way the pattern was designed. Love all of you and can't wait to show you my changes and additions for 2011!!

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CreationsForEleanor said...

The Twirl Skort and Boutique Bottoms are, without a doubt, my favorite patterns of yours. I love how versatile they are, the skort is also a good reference for making a very quick and easy basic skirt. The boutique bottoms make shorts, ruffle pants, and simple plain pajamas. They are staples, like a white shirt for me!

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The boutique bottoms make shorts, ruffle pants, and simple plain pajamas. They are staples, like a white shirt for me!

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