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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Annette dress pattern

These are my latest dresses for my daughters. This pattern was created by my friend Nanette. It is her Annette sundress. It is the easiest, cutest little dress to make and the best thing is that it is reversible so I actually have two dresses in one! The pattern will be available soon at You Can Make This! This is an ePattern, eBook, How-to site that has some awesome ePatterns that you see on Ebay.

The first picture is the Easter outfit I made for my daughters. That particular picture is actually a gift but I did make my children this as well. I used Nanette's dress pattern and my pant pattern. They look so cute on them. I know I need to post a picture with the girls in the dresses but the dresses don't move around when the girls aren't in them! Ha


MorningSong said...

Hi Aimee' I've just picked up sewing and am always looking for someone to bounce things off of. Cute pattern! I loved the diaper bag too! Where do you find the best material? I am like you - I can get lost looking at material too!! I was surprised to hear you had another baby! Congrats!!! By the way this is Melodye

SewSensible said...

Melodye, hello! I was just asking Tommy if he had seen Steve around because I hadn't seen you in a while!! When did you move? I am so excited you are sewing. It's so much fun! I am going to answer your fabric question as my post today. But in the meantime, look at (link on my sewing blog), they have free shipping the first order. I already took advantage of that one. Great coordinate fabric and it is 54". What have you sewn? How are the children?

MorningSong said...

Thanks for the sewing tip regarding fabric. I have found a local shop here but haven't been there to take advantage of sales yet. Otherwise, I have shopped at Hancocks. They have cute fabric but I haven't found any really super cute prints there. I will try the internet. I just hesitate to do so because I do not always know what fabric I am looking at. I find something I like and it is for upolstry. haha I guess I will have to try it sometime!! We moved October 2005. I started sewing last August. I sewed Joshua an LSU short jumper. I have sewn Hannah several dresses. I sewed her Easter dress this year and it had a collar and sleeves. I love the pattern of her Easter dress but it stops at her current size. I have only bought patterns at the store I learned from and so that is something else I am stepping out into. Finding material and patterns that are cute on my own! Thanks for replying to me. I only made a blog name to reply to your blog. It wouldn't allow anonymous. I am glad I did!

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