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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bows - Easy to Make!

Here is a fun, quick and easy project to make as a hair bow or I have even made smaller bows and put on my daughters' tops and dresses. I just ordered some more ribbon to make more bows.

Quick Tip:
The best price I have found on ribbon is on ebay: The Ribbon Spool. I don't make any money off that tip. I don't even know her but I do know that her prices are great and her shipping is fast. I just ordered 50 yards for $22 including shipping! Now that is a lot of bows for under $2 a bow. And they turn out super cute! But, if you are looking for the super super cute bows, then check out You Can Make This , they have awesome eBooks with lots of photos to make those extravagant bows you see on eBay!


MorningSong said...

I've never made a bow before but I've wanted to learn! I will give this a shot and post my results! haha Sure to be a good laugh!

headbands said...

I am having so much fun making ribbons because it is simple and pretty easy. I hope making hair bows are easy as making ribbons. :) I'm excited to make one for my niece. Thanks for sharing!

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