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Saturday, April 21, 2007

My next purse/diaperbag!

I am part of a sewing group that meets twice a month. We are the new and hip sewing Mommas!! I love our group. It's not a big group. Ours only consists of about 5 hip and cool Mommas and we vary in age from mid twenties to the fifties! Sewing's not just for the happy grandmothers anymore, it's for all girls, daughters, mommies, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends! It's for the young and the young at heart! It's an activity to build wholesome relationships. It creates special memories with lots of fun and laughs. I cherish these sewing moments.

The fabric you see above is what I will be using to sew another purse/diaperbag for me. I got this fabric at fabric .com (link to the right). You can find it by putting pink/brown in their keyword search or look at their coordinating fabric. I hope to take pics as I sew so that you can sew one at home too! And fabric .com has free shipping for first orders and this fabric is 54" so you can actually make two for you and one to share!


MorningSong said...

love it!! what type (texture-wise) of fabric do you purchase for a diaper bag? what pattern do you use?

do you ever make pillowcase dresses? if so where do you find a pattern for this? I know they are simple to make, just don't have a template to go by.

bought some cute material today and ready to start another project. HC is so loving dresses these days, I have to really convince her to wear her shorts/capris. I love that but we were not aware of this new development (only wanting dresses) until after we bought capris/shorts so she needs to get use or they will be a waste! live and learn! haha

SewSensible said...

Melodye, try these sites:

Pillowcase Dress Instructions

1. Take selvedge edges and make a center back seam.
2. Then fold the sides together and fold down a one inch casing and pin. Use armhole pattern to cut armholes. Undo casing.
3. Use Bias Tape on arm holes, clip curves before completing final step with bias tape.
4. Fold down casing 1" and stitch.
5. Hem bottom, some of them I put "dingle balls" on.
6. Run Ribbon 30-36 inches (X’s 2) through each casing. Treat with fray check.

I use between 27" and 30" for a size 4-7. I used a full yard on a size 8 for a child like me with very long legs.

MorningSong said...

thanks!! i appreciate you sharing your sites and the instructions for the pillowcase dress!! I look forward to trying it. I will post some pics soon of reversible dresses I made HC in the last few months as well as a pant/shirt set. probably will blog them next week. just fyi!
thanks again!

SewSensible said...

the fabric I use for my diaperbag purses are the decorator fabrics (54"). They are a little heavier but not that heavy. They are the ones on the roles stacked on top of each other. You really can use any fabric just make sure you use interfacing. I found that the medium one is my favorite. The heavy interface was too stiff but you may like that. Now I used batting in my drawstring diaperbag purse I made in my earlier posts. You'll just have to make a couple and see which one you like.

Can't wait to see what else you have sewn!

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