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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sewing Tip

I said earlier that sewing can be a great way to save money and have your children in custom one of a kind outfits however what I failed to tell you is that shopping for fabric can be addictive. I can visit our local fabric store and if my youngest son is a happy baby then before I know it I have spent a couple of hours looking at fabric and thinking of the different outfits I can make. All while my buggy is piled with bolts and bolts. With that said, I have had to learn to control myself. Ha It is hard for me to hit all the fabric sales that I receive in the mail because I have so many children so for me internet shopping has become my preference but the shipping costs can drive your fabric budget up alot. What I have found is that there are fabric stores out there that have free shipping from time to time. One of the stores is fabric. com. They have free shipping on your first order. They have a great fabric selection on trendy designer fabric from Moda and Amy Butler (I love her fabric!). They have a great children's fabric selection and an awesome selection of coordinate fabric for the quilters out there. This is the time to think about all your neices and nephews and friend's children that you will be buying for during the year (Christmas, Birthday gifts). I usually decide what outfit I will be making for them and buy all the fabric from the store that has free shipping. And there you have it, you save money and you already are on your way to having your Christmas and Birthday gifts done!

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