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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hooked on Sewing

I love to sew. I really didn't get hooked on sewing until I had my three daughters to sew for. They are close in age (2,3,5) and I just love to dress them alike. Not only do I love sewing but I love the money it saves me. I have eight children, four girls and four boys. Sewing has allowed me to save money while creating one of a kind clothes for my girls to look so cute and trendy! I hope to also sew for my two younger sons (13 weeks old and 4) this year.

At first I would only sew the most easiest dress patterns from my local store but did not always like the way they would fit my girls. Soon I found a wonderful bloomer pattern that I use now to do all of my girls' pants. I customized this bloomer pattern and I just love it! I am able to do so much with it. I can add ruffles if I want to, I can make them into pants or make them into gauchos with or without ruffles.

The dress above is the first "hard looking" pattern I sewed as a gift. However, this was one of the simplest dresses to sew and it is lined.

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