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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sewing Patterns and First Week of School!

Ok!! Ready for some pretty cute and inspiring awesome Mommy creations!!?!! And wait until you see the adorable models!!!!! Thanks all of you for sending in these pictures and kind words!!

Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns

"Hello Aimee', Just bought a second of your patterns this morning, the first was great, thought I'd send you a photo of my niece wearing the dress and trousers. Being a bit of a tom boy she's reluctant to wear dresses, but the trousers tempted her. Got to make a bigger one for my daughter now. Thanks." J

Boutique Dress Top sewing pattern

All in One

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern

Twirl SKORT sewing pattern

"Aimee, I haven't been sewing long, but I love it. After I recieved the patterns, I got busy. I wanted to send you some pictures of what I have made over the weekend. The pictures aren't that great due to the fact that I took them with my phone. My daughter who is 18 months was not happy about the pictures either. She wanted to run around in her outfit saying, "pretty, pretty". Thank you! I can't wait to get busy on more. Your patterns make everything so easy."T

Boutique Dress Top sewing pattern

Applique Apron Skirt sewing pattern

"Hi Aimee, I have attached a few pictures of the creations I have made from your wonderful patterns. I visit your blog at least once a week to see what is coming next. Your patterns are so easy and fun and original. I have made such cute little items that now anytime my daughter has on a new outfit (storebought or not) everyone always asks if I made it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Twirl SKORT sewing pattern

Hi Aimee', I made a size 3/4 today and have to say I absolutely LOVE this pattern!!! I appreciate the help you gave me earlier today. You continue to amazing me with your tips and tricks..." J

Twirl SKORT sewing pattern

Ok, did you enjoy all the beautiful models and awesome custom outfits!!?? I know I did!!!!! This is a busy week as I am sure for most of you too! First days of school for two of our children. This year I will be going to 4 different schools which equates to 8 different stops per day..... it's a lot but I refuse to do any complaining about being in the car 4 hours a day!! I am going to concentrate on my blessings instead and thank Him for even having these precious children to take to school!!

In between all the schools, I have been working every spare second on these physical pattern covers and on getting the next physical patterns ready. If you signed up to test the Scoop Neck Dress Top then please be patient. The covers and Twirl SKORT have my attention right now and all these CMYK color codes!! Wow..... brain overload at times!
And here are our two precious 6 year olds starting school this week! wow! where does the time go..... really!! They are loving school but I miss them so much during the day!

I pray all of you have a blessed tomorrow and weekend!

In Christ, Aimee'


Jennifer said...

Random comment... I love the little band in the first picture she put just above the ruffle on the dress top.

Amanda said...

So CUTE! I love all your patterns, You are very talented!

Awesome Creations!!

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