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Monday, August 3, 2009

Revising Scoop Neck Dress Top Sewing Pattern!

I was on brain overload today! If you are following me on Twitter you already knew that! I have some decisions to make with the physical patterns and the covers and then I was busy revising SewSensible Scoop Neck Dress Top which made for too much for the mind today. Good thing I have many children to help me focus on other things. Here is a picture of me testing the long sleeves which I obviously made too long :) and I am adding a tie to be tied in the front. Believe me I tried it several ways and I really loved this look the most. I can definitely see Christmas dresses from this pattern this year!! And for all you new sewers, you will love this sleeve pattern! Simple, easy and looks great! I will also be adding an otpional ruffle at the bottom.

About the decisions I am making, I was asked why I do not offer the Boutique Dress Top and Bottoms as one pattern but after talking to another pattern designer I have decided to take her advice and offer one piece per pattern. The reason is because my Boutique Bottoms are a staple for almost every Dress Top I design not just the Boutique Dress Top. So can't think about that anymore tonight. It literally consumed me today.

Thank you all that emailed and left comments to test this pattern. If you did not give me your email, please send it to me. I want to add the long sleeve pattern to the test so I will not be sending out to testers until next week..... probably towards the end of next week. I will email you to see if you are still interested.


Melanie Bushby said...

Ohh Aimee.. You poor poor thing.. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are about now. Take a deep breath and breathe! You do so much for everyone, I can't even imagine doing half of what you do!

I will be praying for peace. Many prayers...


mary said...

Not sure I sent you my e-mail but I have attached it this time. Hope your day gets better and less hectic. I have about 10 little girls coming over tomorrow for a tie dye party. One of my little insanities:-)

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