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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Patterns, Easter Basket Sewing Pattern, Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern, Boutique Dress Top and Bottoms Sewing Pattern,

Here are some AWESOME Mommy creations!! All are incredibly beautiful and all the children are so sweet looking in their handmade outfits made by Mommy!! Thanks all of you for sending them in to me! Receiving your custom creation photos is like getting more chocolate drizzled all over a double chocolate fudge brownie..... very enjoyable!!!!! (Ok, I must be wanting some chocolate real bad!!!!! LOL)

SewSensible Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Pattern

"I really enjoyed making these dresses - the sleeves are really beautiful on. All 3 dresses came out really well and we got tons of compliments on them. Thanks again, C"

SewSensible Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern

"Hi Aimee, I finally got some picture taken yesterday of my little princess in her new outfit. I think I've improved my sewing a bit on this one and I have to say I love this on her! Thanks so much for making such great patterns. THANKS, for making this new sewing Momma look good. :) I also included a picture of a little dress that I made, using pieces of the dress top pattern, out of a free hand me down SHOWER CURTAIN! I think it turned out pretty cute for free. Thanks, A"

SewSensible Twirl SKORT Skirt Sewing Pattern

SewSensible Boutique Easter Basket Sewing Pattern

"Hi Aimee, I wanted to share these pictures with you. The first two are my oldest daughter and youngest son's Easter Baskets. Next is a couple of my youngest daughter in her twirl skort with her basket (that matches her dress). I didn't get great pictures of the skort but everyone loved it. The last is the little princess in her Easter Dress. I love the Simple Sunday Dress as much as I thought I would...and so does everyone else. Thank you again for allowing me to test that pattern. Hope your family had a very blessed Easter! P"

"Here's pictures of K hunting eggs in her Simple Sunday Dress with her Boutique Easter Basket. I love how they both turned out. I have a baby gift that needs to go out soon. I'm thinking about making one of the baskets to hold all the baby items in.The last picture is an extra I threw in because you can see one of the cousin's in the background in her Boutique Bottoms and Dress Top. J"

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NaomiG said...

So cute! I'm actually making my girls the simple sunday dress in that same blue with orange flowers fabric--gave me a start to see it in the dress top! So cute!

Awesome Creations!!

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