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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sewing Pattern and Easter blessings!

Rose and Grace's outfits size 5/6 and 3/4

Pleated front with rick rack accent

Zoë's outfit size 7/8

I told you I was making quick and simple outfits for Easter! This is my next pattern that will come out. It is a simple reversible shoulder tie dress top with matching shorts. The Boutique Shorts can be made with ruffles or a coordinating band. There are a couple changes that I believe I will make..... pleats or no pleats, or go the other direction with pleats. The ones above are one variation I am looking at but I have a few other ideas about the dress top. This is an ideal outfit for my southern daughters with the hot weather already here!! :) At least for a quick and simple three-days-before-Easter-outfit!! After this pattern will come another shoulder tie dress but not reversible. It will be very similar to the dress I made Grace for her birthday.

I pray all of you are having a very blessed Easter week and I do pray that each of you are personally blessed this weekend by God's abundant Grace and I also pray you are lavished with His love!!
Happy Easter! In Christ, Aimee'


LouLou said...

Aimee', You are such a blessing to us all...... Thank you for all you do.....

I have stopped sewing for others for a while, so I can concentrate on my kids.... I felt like I was missing so much always sewing for other people.... I would love to test your new outfit if you need me to. I don't have anything planned for the next couple of weeks, and I would love to try it out. I would prefer one of my girls' sizes, so they could wear it when I'm done. Email if you need me.....

Much love and many blessings, and HAPPY EASTER!

Amy said...

These are SUPER CUTE Aimee!

I pray too that you're feeling his spirit as we celebrate his resurrection!!! While Holy Week is grim, I love the praise and joy on Sunday morning!!!

The Messer Family said...

Aimmee. This outfit is great! I love the pleats. Soooo cute. Can't wait to get this one.

Have a blessed and happy Easter!

Dina said...

What cute outfits! Unfourtunately we will have to wait until JUNE to wear them here in Ohio! I can't wait to try them out!

Jennifer said...

I REALLY love it! When will it be out?

Jennifer said...

Aimee' I love it! I really do. I like the smooth lines with the feminine pleats. It looks simple yet really cute.

SewSensible said...

thank you all so much for your kind words! I believe you are going to love this cute little outfit. We went to our Easter Service tonight and the girls wore their outfits and they were so cute! I was unsure about the pleats but after tonight I will definitely keep the pleats and they are very easy to create!!

Oh, and it is two dresses in one so the girls will wear the reverse of the dress this Sunday to Grandma and Grampa's house!

I pray all of you are showered in His specific blessings He has for you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are so cute Amy. I was just going to try my hand at some shorts and use your pants bottoms pattern. I would love to try out this outfit!! Can't wait.
Many Blessings Aimee...Happy Easter, Amy

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