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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Women's Sewing Patterns, Inspiring Women!

Kay, owner designer of

There are different people that you come across in your life or at least my life that really impact me and inspire me and leave an impression with me that will never be forgotten! In reference to SewSensible, a few come to mind, first Nanette from Nanoo Designs, who not only helped me with sewing questions in the beginning and sometimes even now but we have also shared this business venture together! When I think about Nanette I can't help but think of a big heart. That is Nanette: a mother and friend with a big heart! Thanks, Nanette! Oh, and she has a new pattern available now and one in the testing phase! You can check it out here.

Another woman that comes to mind is Kim from You Can Make This! Kim's site was the first place I started selling my patterns and little did I know then that today it would be what it is. When I think of Kim I think of smiles, a soft sweet disposition, and an awesome business woman. I have never met her personally but she has definitely left a lasting impression with me. Thanks, Kim, for your encouraging words and for giving me an opportunity to let SewSensible blossom!

And I have to add Jennifer Paganelli. I definitely have never met her but you can't help but be drawn to her. Go ahead and see why! Check out her blog and website. A successful business woman, Mom, and fabric designer yet she gives you the impression you have been friends for years!! She has surely left an impression with me that I will never forget. And Jennifer has her new fabric design available, Flower Power!! I already ordered me some at Fabritopia. I plan on making some Twirl SKORTS for my daughters for our family Disney trip in June! Thanks, Jennifer, for your kindness, your sweet heart, and of course your beautiful fabric designs! You make sewing so much fun!!

And then their is Kay! Kay is one of those people! What kind of person am I talking about? You know, the one who helps you pick up your coins when you drop them, the one who lets you out in an overcrowded congested street corner, she's the one who you don't even know in the grocery store but she looks at you and says Good Morning! Ok, so I don't know for sure if she does all this but my first impression tells me she is all of these things! SewSensible started as a hobby but God had other plans for it. If you were to cut me in half there would be three specific passions in my life: God, My family, and Orphans/Adoption. Little did I know God would give me another passion: SewSensible! I never envisioned that SewSensible would be what it is today and I am in awe that God continues to "step it up a notch." This is where Kay comes in. A simple email from one of Kay's friends (who I don't have permission to mention her name but that story will be told one day as well :) connected me with Kay. She has already impacted me in the short week I have talked with her via email! Kay is a designer of sewing patterns for clothing and accessories with a modern yet classic style. But more than that she is a woman of no nonsense, a woman who does not have a problem in helping another pattern designer grow and a woman that the world needs more of! Thank you so much, Kay, for sowing into me. May you reap as much as you have sown in me!! She is the owner of SewSerendipity. Please visit her site and blog when you get a chance. And look at that beautiful trench coat she is wearing in the picture above!! Yes, that is one of her patterns! Come on, Moms and GrandMoms, and Aunties, you know you've been wanting to make you something!! Kay has been in the pattern business for the past 8 years. A former school teacher just like myself! She doesn't need me to promote her patterns but I just thought you would like to know who is behind these patterns! There's just something about knowing the person behind the business that makes buying their products so much sweeter. Don't you think? Here are some of her patterns:

So THANK YOU to all these women who have inspired me to "step it up a notch" in reference to SewSensible!! I hope to share some of my new ventures with all of you in the near future!!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

So humbled to be in your line up of amazing woman , as much for their talents as their hearts..woman helping woman it's the best tool we've got!! all my very best in your continued, Jennifer

irina said...

Beautiful clothes...



Nanette said...

Aimee, I am very honored by your kind words. This business venture we share has been a great experience and I look forward to many years of sharing ideas and support. You are a source of motivation and inspiration for me also.

irina said...

Aimee,you can visit my another blog
Thank you !


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Aimee, I've got to say, you know how to promote women. Just wish there was something the rest of us women could do to help SewSensible as much as you have helped bolster up these women.

Anonymous said...

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