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Friday, March 20, 2009

Simple Sunday Dress Sewing Pattern and Sewing Class!

Our fluffy model!


Today I made a Simple Sunday Dress for demonstration purposes for the AllBrands Sewing Class tomorrow! (size 6 months - 9 months above) This is some of their awesome fabric. So delicate and sweet, I think! Grace just got her pink Care Bear out of the dryer and she was hugging her in the kitchen and so you see who got to be the model tonight! Grace wanted her to keep it but it is not ours to keep. This will go in the AllBrands store after the class.

Sewing Tip: If you purchased the Simple Sunday Dress you will notice at the end of the directions that I suggest tacking the bow. I highly suggest that. It is very simple to do. I simply tie the bow and tack about 2 stitches forward and back as close to the knot of the bow as possible in the middle of one of the creases. I do this on each side of the knot. Then I tack 2 stitches forward and back on the second piece of the loop of the bow on each side. Does that make sense? You know how the bow is two loops and there are two pieces to a loop. The second tacking I do is the second piece of the loop. Am I really confusing you!! :) Once it is done, the stitches are hidden in the creases and the bow is in place!


Donna W said...

Hi Aimee, How do you get the bow looking so neat???
Donna W.

SewSensible said...

Yes, I know that can be a little frustrating! The class I taught at AllBrands today was the Simple Sunday Dress and I highly suggest to tack down each side of your loops of the bow. So you would just tie your bow like normally done. You will then take one of your ties that hangs down and bring it in front one loop and I believe the other one will be behind the loop coming down. You are just readjusting to where the ties are hanging down as close to the knot as possible. You will need to play with it a little. The loops should be about 2” on each side. Once you get the shape, get some needle and thread and you will tack down on each side of the knot in the creases of each loop. It is easier than it sounds!! Once you tack down the loop on each side of the knot, you will want to tack down the underneath loop piece on each side as well. I take both my loops and slightly angle them up and puff them a little bit. I hope I am not confusing you!! It is easy to hide the tacking-down stitches in the creases. Again, you will want to tack down your bow.

In Christ, Aimee’

SewSensible said...

Oh, I forgot to say, don't tie that initial knot before you make your loops. Just go straight to making the loops of the bow.

Donna W. said...

thanks I'll give it a go....
Donna W.

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