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Monday, February 16, 2009

Applique Ice Cream Cone and New Sewing Pattern pictures!



Applique' Ice Cream Cone

coming soon to SWAKembroidery

Here are some exciting pictures..... at least for me!! :) The first one is from my friend, Dina, who made the Simple Sunday Dress for her daughter. Here is what she said about this dress, "Yeah! I finished my Simple Sunday Dress and it turned out SO CUTE! I haven't gotten a pic of Liv in it yet, but here are some pics of it on a hanger. Love it! It was easy and boy am I happy with how it turned out! Have a great week!"

Thanks, Dina!! Love the dress! Can't wait to see it on Liv!!

The next picture is my newest applique embroidery design. (Well, I say new, but I have several that are ready for testing for about 3 months now but I just have not found the time to test. I finally did test the applique ice cream. I am putting this and a cupcake on some of Grace's jeans and making her a Simple Sunday Dress to match but I will make it a dress top instead of a dress with the same fabric in the picture above. I will also add ruffles to the jeans. Hopefully I will remember to take picture of adding the ruffles and make that a free tutorial. Someone please remind me!!) Anyway, the Applique' Ice Cream Cone will be available on SWAKembroidery soon! It is a yummy fun design for spring and summer!


Debbie said...

I found you through You Can Make This and looked up your site and blog. I too am mommy through adoption. I love your story. I also sew clothing for my children and now design patterns for others. I have a question. Now that many are wanting properly sized copies of the patterns I've created for my children, I'd love some sort of drawing/design program. Would you share with me what you use? There has to be a simpler way to turn a size 4 dress into an 8 without remeasuring and redrawing the entire thing.
I love the dress you've posted. I just completed a similar one, sleeveless for my daughter.

irina said...

Beautiful this dress!



Anonymous said...

Can I ask where your friend got the fabric for her Sunday dress? It is beautiful!

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