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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SewSensible Patterns and Embroidery!

Hello! I hope all of you are having a blessed and enjoyable summer! I have been busy. No school except for one this summer. That means seven kiddos at home with one gone half a day!! Two are being homeschooled through the summer while the others are running, jumping, laughing, and testing their boundaries too!! Can you say.....Busy and Crazy summer for us!! Praise God!

I have some change of plans with the next SewSensible pattern. I was all ready to do the next sewing pattern and have decided to focus on enlarging my patterns up to, hopefully, size 16! I had planned to do this as my daughters grew but I keep getting emails asking me if I have larger sizes so I am going to really focus this summer on doing just that! I am also praying about expanding SewSensible down the digitizing embroidery path. I have drawn a girly series and am now working on a boy series. If you have an embroidery machine and would like to be a tester in the future please let me know! This is all new to me but I have been looking into this for the past several months. In the meantime, if you haven't done so, check out the latest designs and free tutorial at the new sister site of YCMT, SWAK embroidery!

I just completed three outfits using SewSensible's Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns for my three younger daughters. They came out so cute! My Mom monogrammed their initials on each outfit! We did this for the Poche' family reunion and I would love to show you the pictures but I accidentally deleted all my pictures off my camera!! I'll have to take the pictures again! I used some more Ginger Blossom prints.

Well, are you women ready to make some fantastic custom Mommy and GrandMommy creations??!!!!! I know I am!!!!! Let the fun begin!!!!!


Melanie said...

Hello Aimee...

I just knew you had to be busy!! I understand the craziness of summer! It will be a good summer though! I am so ready for all your new creations... And as you know I am here to help in any way I can. I have my embroidery machine ready!! You have a blessed day!


SewSensible said...

Thanks, Melanie!! I am talking to a digitizer right now and hopefully will have my first embroidery design next month!!

I pray your summer is going great!
In Christ,

Melanie said...

Yeahhhh.. That is so exciting.. I wish I could wrap my brain around the digitizing part! It really s a talent! One day when the house is calm I will.

I have a picture for you of the Boutique Bottoms with a Cuff and strap that buttons..I will send it your way!

Thank You for the prayers.. I will also keep you in Mine! God Bless..


Paige said...

Well I am more than happy to test the designs. I have an awesome embroidery machine that I LOVE using designs on your patterns.

Awesome Creations!!

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