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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Outfits almost finished!!

This is my precious daughter, Rose. She loves to try on the clothes I make for them. She and my other daughter, Grace, are my "girly"girls!! I love that!!

This is my beautiful niece, Mia! Doesn't she look so cute! I am making four complete outfits: three for my youngest daughters and one for my niece who turned three in May. (This is her belated birthday present!)
I now have two all time favorite dress top patterns: one is my friend, Nanette's, Annette dress pattern and two is my dress top pattern. Both are so easy to make and so easy to add your own inspirations and creativity to it whether it is a ruffle at the bottom, a small outline ruffle on the top of the bodice, an applique, a pocket, or a flower. Whatever it is, it just adds to the beauty and simplicity of these patterns!
This particular pants pattern is also my favorite! It is so diverse! I can make shorts, pajamas, gauchos, or pants, add ruffles, cuffs, or just leave a small hem. I can make all these different bottoms for my daughters with just one pattern or I can use the same pattern and make some bottoms for my sons!
This is just a fun way to sew sensibly while making cute custom clothes for my family!


Nanette said...

Rose and Mia look soo cute in the outfits.

MorningSong said...

I love the pants on Rose!!! So cute! What pattern do you use for pants? I can't tell if Mia's are the same or different. Hers is cute too!!

SewSensible said...

Thanks! Thanks!

I modified a pattern I liked and now have my own pattern to make shorts, gauchos, or pants! I only use this pattern for all my bottoms whether for my daughters or my sons!!

Jennifer said...

Those are adorable! You're motivating me to get my machine out and get sewing for my girly girls!

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