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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Busy Sewing!

I have been busy sewing! Friday night I went to my sewing group! I love that group. We are small but it is so fun to connect with others who have your interest! Thanks, Nanette!!

I started these dresses Friday night and finished four of them Saturday morning. I designed this pattern and it is SUPER EASY and SUPER CUTE!! I am thinking about creating an eBook of this pattern and selling it on ebay. We will see! My friend, Nanette, has an eBook coming soon to You Can Make This! (banner at top or to the right sidebar). Nanette's is the Annette dress pattern that I use all the time! Super Easy and Super Cute, too!!

Today, I will start the pants.


sugarlady said...

Well go for it girl. And I love the material. The girls will look look so cute in those outfits.
Is the fourth one for Mia? Don't think Asa or Elijah will wear it.

Nanette said...

They came out soo cute. Hope I can see the girls in them. You should post a picture with them in their new outfits.

MorningSong said...

YOU Won! YOU WON!!! Congrats!! :)

Momma Roar said...

Stop by - you won!! Or, you should just be able to reply directly to this when it comes to your email inbox. I just need your name and address and then I'll set up the subscription for you! Congrats!

SewSensible said...

YiPEEEE!! How Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MorningSong said...

I am glad I could provide your entertainment now!! haha I took that post off! haha Jenny needs to be more clear!! haha Maybe she should sign Jenny aka SIL (sister in law) in the future. :)

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