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Friday, May 21, 2010

Quilt Market 2010

Yes, Quilt Market 2010 is here and wow it is so hard not being a part of it! It is just not my time. With a family of ten I cannot do all I want to do but maybe next year!!!!! I am following a lot of tweeters and City Craft has been updating wonderfully! They even had a podcast. If you want to follow then click the graphic above.

I do have a sample of Happy Girl Dress and a matching purse at the United Notions and Fabric booth. So I am a little there but surely not like I want to be. Happy times to all who are at Quilt Market! I pray blessings and more blessings upon you all!

In Christ, Aimee'
(yes I am busy working on patterns, good changes, and more ideas!)

1 comment:

CityCraft said...

Aimee, thank you so much for following us along during our Quilt Market escapade. We had a really good time and we wanted to share every juicy moment with our devoted CityCrafters. Happy Crafting!


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