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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beginner Sewing Patterns!

Hello! know that I am busy busy making updates and changing a few things around here for SewSensible! I am working on the Mod Girl and adding a few other things. I hopefully will be able to talk more about it in the coming weeks (nothing major just a few things that I believe you will like to see). For now though, check out these awesome Mommy creations I received and their beautiful models!! I can't tell you how much I LOVE getting these emails!!!!! They not only bless me but they inspire so many others to actually start sewing!! Thank y'all so much and if you have made something with SewSensible patterns please email it to me to share! I would love to "show it off" for you ;)

This Mommy used SewSensible Boutique Dress Top and Boutique Bottoms sewing patterns and said, "Loved this pattern! Thanks! L"

This Mommy and GrandMother got creative and used the Simple Sunday Dress sewing pattern and Scoop Neck Dress Top. She said, "Hi Aimme' I truly love all of your patterns and have learned so much from you! Here are some pics from Easter. I made my daughter and granddaughter dresses that are a cross between the revised scoop neck and the simple sunday dress. They were the toast of the town, and everyone wanted to know where I bought them! Of course that's always the greatest compliment to a seamstress! Thank you for you're easy, beautiful patterns. J"

This GrandMother used SewSensible Scoop Neck Dress Top sewing pattern, Boutique Bottoms sewing pattern and the Boutique Easter Basket sewing pattern. She said, "Hi, Aimee, Just thought I'd share pictures of my granddaughters in their scoop neck dresses I made for them from your pattern. This pattern was really easy to follow and turned out cute. My granddaughters love their dresses and their Easter baskets to match! I made P's (my 2 yr old grand) little bloomers as a modification to the boutique bottoms-instead of the ruffle, I just added elastic sewn a couple of inches from the bottom. I made P's dress much longer than the pattern dimensions as she wanted hers long. I think it turned out really pretty that way. I'm sure I'll be using this pattern again, I'd like to do tops next. P's Easter basket had the bunnies going sideways, but that's the way it had to be since I didn't have enough fabric left otherwise-oh, well, we just do what we have to do! She loved it anyway! I also made a basket for my little nephew. Keep churning out those patterns, they are GREAT! D

Thanks all of you for sending these in!!!!!! Such inspiration!!

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