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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sewing Tip

Wash and iron.
My mom is a perfectionist when she does something. Me, I am not! I like to dive into it, get to it and get it done, and voila I am finished. However, I have learned with sewing that if I want a beautifully finished sewing project that I must do it right from the beginning. So before starting a sewing project, make sure you wash your fabric following the washing guidelines of your particular fabric. I once spent several days making three lined dresses for my daughters only to have the main outer fabric shrink smaller than the lining on all three dresses. Arghhhhh! Oh how I wished I would have taken the time to wash and dry my fabric before sewing.

My other sewing tip is to take the time to iron your sewing project along the way. I love quick satisfaction when I sew and I like to see it finished so quick that I would skip ironing the seams before sewing and this makes for actually an uneven dress. When I finally slowed down and started taking my time and taking the time to iron did I start seeing my sewing projects look so finely finished!

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