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Friday, May 4, 2007

My Newest Purse/Tote Pattern!

This is my latest purse/tote pattern thanks to my Mother-in-Law! Thanks, Mom Trixie! I am so excited about it. I hope to have one made by next week.

This is the Chelsea Tote Purse made in a different fabric. I found this pic on LazyGirlDesigns Blog.


MorningSong said...

I cannot get past the busy fabric choices on both of these pics. I hope you will show us what fabric you choose or the finished product!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

This is definitely not my fabric style but I do like color but not quilty country! I am actually going to make this Chelsea tote with the flip flop fabric. I bought 5 yards of it! However, I would love to make this tote with Amy Butler fabric.

SewSensible said...

I've also learned you have to look past the fabric on the cover or you will miss some great patterns to sew!

MorningSong said...

Great advice! My imagination doesn't always help me past what I see though! Maybe after I continue sewing and experimenting i will develop a better eye for stuff! :o)

SewSensible said...

Why do we use so many exclamations!! ha ha ha We are so funny!

MorningSong said...

I am crying from laughing!! I was at a friends house reading this to her b/c she reads my blog occasionally. Anyway, as I read I was cracking up b/c Steve is ALWAYS telling me 'You LOVE to use exclamations!!!!' I was crying and when I read the entire progression to Steve with all the punctuation (out loud), I was crying again and he was cracking up laughing!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!! Love the !!!!!! hahahahah

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

That is so funny!!

drink benefit said...

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