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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing Patterns! and Boutique Bottoms!

I received this wonderful email and just had to share! And, yes, she is so darn cute!! :)

Aimee’, First off let me say that I have almost all of your patterns and I
“heart” them tremendously. I always get TONS of compliments when my daughter wears a mommy made creation from one of your designs. I had to take a quick picture of her this morning before I sent her off to preschool. Mostly because I think she’s so darn cute, but also because I wanted you to know that I whipped up that pair of boutique pants this morning BEFORE I took her to preschool at 9. Yes, this morning. I had the top done, but hadn’t found time to put the pants
together (I usually sew in the evenings after bedtime) because my 5 week old hasn’t been the most cooperative. So this morning I looked at the top, and really wanted her to wear it. I had already made her lunch, and the baby had just drifted off to sleep, and the two older kids were eating breakfast...and I thought...”maybe I’ll have time...”. I got the serger re-threaded by 8:05 and had the pants done by 8:40. Granted, they were already cut out, and I used the ruffler foot, but that’s pretty dang quick! And yes, I topstiched around the shortcuts were taken, all seams were finished. ;) So, thank you for putting together a pattern that’s so stinkin’ easy! The pants ALWAYS turn out great (I’ve made dozens of them) and I can guarantee that when I pick my daughter up from preschool, I’ll have half a dozen mom’s asking when they can place their orders! You ROCK...keep the amazing patterns coming, so that I can look like an amazing seamstress! Sincerely, A

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE her outfit! GREAT job! Girl, I just have ONE and I have to sew after bed time. Way to go mom!

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