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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Sewing Pattern Coming Soon!

Here is another sneak peak at my next dress top sewing pattern that will be coming soon: the FAITH Double Layer Dress Top. I have started working on the step by step instructions and have decided to start naming my patterns. The next three dresses will be Faith, Hope, and Love. I will be designing FAITH to go up to size 10. I have gotten several emails asking for bigger sizes. The reason I only have size 6m - 6 years is because that is the size of my younger children and it is so easy to call them to me to measure. My plan was to make bigger sizes as my children grew but your request has prompted me to begin now.

I have not written the description yet for FAITH but I will say it is an easy dress pattern that will be great for a sewing beginner! I hope to have everything finished in two weeks!


MorningSong said...

So cute!! I am glad you are doing larger sizes. Some of my friends have asked me to make them outfits and I do not know how to make the larger sizes. I know I could figure it out but I would rather know it were the right size! :)


Nanette said...

I like the names your using.

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