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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fleece Jacket

This weekend my daughter and my twin six month old granddaughters came over for our family picture. I had ordered some Cheetah print fleece fabric to make some jackets for my daughters and I knew I would have some fabric left over so Sunday while they were here I made them each a fleece jacket!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I finally got to make the pants [and shorts] from the pattern i won from Laura Williams' Musings. Here's the link with my pics:

Thanks again!

Gin at DoeHill Homeschool

Nanette said...

These are so cute. You should post a picture of the girls in them.

trishia said...

Those are adorable! Do you have a pattern, or do you make your own?

I am seeing black turtle necks, denim skirts, and pink tights with those jackets... my daughters would love them!

BTW- I have 5 children and belong to a message board called Tons of Kids over on If you have time, you should stop by, all the moms there would love to meet you!

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