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Friday, April 9, 2010

Beginner Sewing Patterns and Customer Creations

FAITH Double Layer Dress Top sewing pattern
Twirl SKORT sewing pattern
A GrandMother's two custom outfits for her Granddaughters!

Boutique Easter Basket sewing pattern

Happy Girl Dress short-gathered version

"Hi Aimee! I finally had a little time to make a second dress for my little girl. She really loves it and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. You made it so easy with you pattern. Everyone is impressed with the pleats and I love those covered buttons! Definitely will be making another one for her. You know, I have been sewing since I was six years old and I never thought I would be making dresses for my girls. My mother is a master seamstress, but I had a bad experience in home ec in school which cured me from wanting to make clothing of any type (that is so sad). Now I have a lot of confidence and I just enjoy the process immensely!"

You know, I get many emails with all kinds of sweet words about your sewing experience and just like the email above how you now love to sew for your loved ones! Recently I received an email from a kind woman who had 50 years of sewing experience and she wanted to tell me how my patterns were not for beginners and how my graphics were hard to understand and how outrageous my prices are. At first I read her email and it was a big hit in the gut to say the least. Before I answered her though I prayed and responded with love and respect for her experience with my patterns. I will say that I never got into this as a big money making endeavor. Yes the money helps but the biggest reward are emails like the one above and the many others that I receive from Mom's who are sewing again or just started sewing and are loving it! My patterns are not typical. I will surely admit that :) They do not use standard sewing terminology and my graphics depict to the best of my ability a visual for almost every step. Based on several years of feedback, first time sew-ers appreciate my directions. I say all this because I realize I can never please everyone as much as I would love too. About the price, I believe anyone who uses independent pattern designer patterns knows I am very comparable to what is available out there. My prayer is that you have a very enjoyable sewing experience with my patterns and if you run into a problem or question while you are sewing I am just an email away! My goal is to get you to just get in front of the sewing machine and feel comfortable and excited about sewing and then you can move on to bigger and better sewing patterns!

I do appreciate every comment and email so please keep them coming along with your awesome Mommy, GrandMommy, and Aunt creations!!
Also, if you are an instructor and are planning to have a classs with SewSensible boutique patterns, my suggestion is please sew an outfit first before teaching the classs that way you will become familiar with my pattern and directions and if you run into a problem or question I can answer it before class day.
In Christ, Aimee'


Sew Fun! said...

it is very true, you cannot please everyone. some people (like myself) probably find your patterns and instructions so easy to use because they are not typical.
your instructions explain the sewing process much like if you were just talking to me in person. i like that! :) & i ♥ your patterns!

Anonymous said...

As a person with over 35 years of sewing experience, I appreciate your patterns. There are many independent pattern designers in the market and I have found your patterns to be consistent with technical pattern design and garment construction principles and presented in a way that is easy to follow. That brings VALUE.

Technology has made it very easy for folks to have access to create and means to sell designs/patterns-- much, much more so than even ten years ago. The economy has driven many to sell their designs while more buyers are looking for quick, easy ways to clothe their family inexpensively. While well-intended, some of the independent "pattern designers" are unknowingly instructing folks incorrectly.

When a person is investing time and money into making an item, she wants it to fit and look good. Patterns that do not follow design and construciton principles --in the long run-- will not fit properly. While a toddler might not mind, an older child will not wear the item. Where is the value in that?

SewSensible price points are fair for the market and what is received in return.

So sad that some people are very harsh in criticizing a person simply trying to "do right". If she did not like the product, she does not have to buy it again. I usually find a person like that can make very general comments, but when pressed for details it is hard for her to specifically pinpoint an issue or provide a solution or alternative method.

Try to find something constructive in her comments, say a prayer for the person and continue "doing right"!

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