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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sewing Patterns!

Busy Busy as all of us are..... right!? Currently I am working on three projects: the one you see above which is reversible, another project similar to this one, and also working on getting the Scoop Neck Dress Top physical! I will share more in detail about the first two projects soon.

We were able to take some fun family pictures last week (I think I already mentioned this but it is still in my mind)! I am a stressed out crazy Mommy when it comes to try and get everybody to be in a good mood and do their part for pictures. Well, again this year..... it is just not reality for us with small children!!!!! We encountered three meltdowns from three different children at three different times! And then our six year old son had a very loose tooth that made him have this funny weird smile FOR ALMOST ALL OUR PICTURES!! It's ok though..... my husband reminded me we will have many more years for family pictures and that made me feel a little better! The joys of Motherhood! Life is good! May your Thanksgiving holidays be abundantly blessed!


Miss Sews-it-all said...

Love that top, can't wait to see more of your patterns!

And, I have the same frustrations with family pics. My little one just had her first birthday, and although my hubby would love a family pic, it's up to me to try and get baby Kate to cooperate. But you know that 1 year olds have thier own agenda, and sitting still is not on that list!

Jennifer said...

love that reversible dress !!!

Anonymous said...

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