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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Sewing Pattern and Physical Paper Sewing Pattern

I am trying to find a simple design for the paper pattern covers to distinguish between SewSensible downloadable and SewSensible Physical Paper patterns. This is what I came up with today. It is simple, it still keeps with my original design and I will sit on this for one week and then decide. Once to press, they will be ready in 4 days so I have time to ponder while the patterns are at press.

Three of my patterns are at McCall's right now in the printing process and I am looking at mid June to have the first three SewSensible physical paper patterns ready! I will also have the new Reversible Pleated Dress Top available midJune with the new style graphics/directions. As soon as that one is done it will also go to press/printing along with the Twirl SKORT. This summer will be focused on transitioning all my patterns to physical along with giving all the downloadable ones the new directions/graphics as well! And it is only going to be mid-June for the above because our family vacation is right around the corner so I will be away for a week which I am so happy that each daughter will get three skorts to wear in Disney!! I needed something quick and cute so they will wear each skort with a matching tee and one coordinating ribbon tied to one tee shoulder. Quick, cute, fun, and modest!!!!! (Of course I waited to last minute to finish them...... tonight! Three still need elastic and will have to wait a couple more days..... too busy tomorrow and the next day!

Pray all is well with you!! In Christ, Aimee'


One More Equals Four said...

How exciting Congratulations!

Have fun at Disney!

Courtney said...

Big congratulations to you! That is SO exciting!!!

Awesome Creations!!

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