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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sew Sayings!

A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels.

Sewing Mends the Soul

One sewing project, like one cookie, is never enough !

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sewing again! Latest Purse

I have not had that much time to sew lately but we had my husband's family reunion yesterday and it is custom to bring a homemade/handmade gift. You sign each family's name on side of a number and later in the day the gifts are given away as the number is pulled, matched with the name. It is a fun time! These are the two gifts I bought for our family. The pink/brown purse was an adult gift and the butterfly/flower purse was a girl's gift! I really like the way the pink/brown purse turned out. I started with a simple square cutout but later tweaked it to a different shape. And I made the buttons with the same fabric. Nanette at Nanoo's showed me how to do this!

Awesome Creations!!

Easy to Sew Children Boutique Sewing Patterns

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